• Welcome to Venetian Plaster

    Using centuries-old techniques, natural environmentally-friendly materials and contemporary design aesthetics, Venetian Plaster can make your walls and ceilings come alive.

    Venetian Plaster is more than colour: it introduces movement to the wall and together with light can really create something unique and customized for every interior.This is Venetian Plaster and this is what is possible to achieve combining texture, colour and light. Paint, stone, boiserie or wall paper are just something to add to a wall: a plaster is the decoration, the material itself which cannot be separated from the ambience so as to create a homogeneous surface totally combined with all the other materials used in an interior. Plaster gives the possibility to find innovative and unlimited solutions, always respecting the simplicity requested and the global convenience for achieving the project. Every solution is something unique and perfectly adapted to the interior.

    The Venetian Plaster products’ collection has been selected to give architects and interior designers a way to transform creativity into reality with no limits in colour, texture, thickness and personal feelings. With Venetian Plaster it is possible to exactly attain the required surface: smooth or thick, geometric or abstract, glossy or matt, old or new look. Every interior needs something special and plaster is the way to achieve this ambition with the best cost-effect material, low maintenance and fast renovation times.The countless possibilities of modern lighting solutions united to now a days technologies make the decorative products the perfect element for every representation; every scene can be played, changed, expressed and styled like in its creator’s mind. 

    This is the reason why Venetian Plaster is set up for working besides creativeness: from the production of colour cards to the possibility of developing special “tailor-made” projects.

    The Venetian Plaster  range of products starts from the classic Venetian polished plasters, but reaches new patterns for contemporary interiors. The wide selection of products can meet every request with a quality finishes.